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Pondering Power Beads?

My boss wears a different set of "power beads" every day. He believes the beads give him balance, energy, creativity, and a sense of well-being. He does seem somewhat calmer. What's with these beads?

If your boss believes that wearing beads mellows him out, he's certainly not alone. Power beads made from wood or semi-precious stones have made the leap from ancient Hindu religious ritual (for counting prayers) to New Age talisman to fashion statement. My best guess is that their current popularity is the latest incarnation of a centuries-old belief that gemstones have powers (based on their colors) to bring positive energy, good luck, good health, love, and success.

However, I imagine that some people wear "power beads" not because they're stylish but to ward off misfortune. The use of amulets or talismans to cure disease or protect health probably dates back to prehistory. For all we know, they help -- or at least our belief in them may help. Last year, the Journal of the American Medical Association published a fascinating article by Fred Rosner, a New York City physician. One of his first patients, a five-year-old Orthodox Jewish girl, had acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Rosner tells of sitting up with her all night, believing that she was about to die. She survived the night, and the next time Rosner visited her, he noticed a little leather tube, wrapped in plastic, hanging around her neck. Her parents explained that it was a "kemiya" which their rabbi said she must wear at all times -- it would cure her. The child survived, and years later, she told him that she had never taken off her "kemiya".

I don't know what your boss expects of his power beads, but you could learn a lot about his self-perceived needs from the beads he wears:
Onyx for self-control and stability
Clear beads for strength and vitality
Amethyst (lavender) for intelligence
Mother-of-pearl for wealth and prosperity
Magnetic hematite (shiny gray) for happiness
Jade aventurine (light green) for success
Emeralds for money
Rose quartz for romance
Rubies for passion
Turquoise for health

You and your co-workers could have a good time sussing out what the boss's beads say about the kind of energy he wants to attract from day to day. Of course, you may want to get some beads of your own. How about honey jade (pale yellow) for patience and tranquility?


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