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What's the Buzz Over Bidis?

I've been reading about kids smoking bidis. What are they? And are they dangerous?

Bidis are cigarettes imported from India (they're sometimes called "beedies" or "beadies"). Teens probably like these exotic smokes because they're wrapped in an exotic-looking, greenish-brown Tendu Leaf (Diospyros melonoxlon), tied with a little, colored thread -- they look like joints of marijuana -- and they come in chocolate or strawberry flavors. But don't be fooled -- bidis contain tobacco flakes and are probably just as hazardous to your health as cigarettes. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's Office of Smoking and Health, at least one study has shown that bidis produce more than triple the carbon monoxide and nicotine -- and about five times the tar -- of regular cigarettes.

And they are becoming a teen health problem: One recent CDC study in the Boston area found that 40 percent of the 642 middle and high school students surveyed had tried bidis at least once -- about 16 percent were current smokers -- and 8 percent had smoked more than a hundred bidis. Aside from their cool looks and flavors, they're less expensive than regular cigarettes -- a bundle of 20 or 24 bidis costs about $1.50, about half the price of a pack of cigarettes. Approximately 12 percent of the teens in the study said bidis were easier to buy than cigarettes. Many also think these smokes are safer than regular cigarettes -- maybe because they're often sold in health food stores.

We'll probably soon be hearing more about bidis. The Federal Trade Commission is investigating reports that the cigarettes are often sold without their required warning labels. The FTC has also been asked to look into whether bidis should be sold in health food stores. Until we know more, the message to teens should be that smoking bidis is just as hazardous to their health as puffing on the real thing.


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